At Paint~N~Play we teach Creativity, not Art.

We have found many people are afraid of their own creativity.  Some people mistake creativity for technique. For some people, someone in their past may have told them they were wrong with their way of creative expression. Technique is a learned process. Using the mind, we can be taught how to draw, how to paint, dimension, perspective, and how to make a painting look like something.  Technique is limited to what you know or can learn and each person’s individual ability. Creativity is innate in everyone. Creativity is innate in you.

About the Teacher

Sheryl Rogers has been teaching healing through painting for the past 5 years. She says, “I discovered this painting technique 12 years ago for myself and have been grateful for it ever since.” Through her specific process, playing with paint becomes a kind of meditation which clears the mind of any thought, concept or belief of how a painting should look or how it should be painted. With the use of brushes, sponges and color there is an opportunity to discover the hidden creator within and break through barriers that might have previously hindered creativity.

She has studied several different energetic modalities that complement her painting classes.  Her ability to offer a supportive, non-judgmental and creative environment promotes healing and awareness on many levels.

Certifications include: Quantum Bio Feedback, Reiki Practitioner, NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Body Soul Fusion